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Some key guidance to assist you during the process

The videos below are for guidance.  You do not need to have any membership to watch these videos we have posted.  The videos do link to websites which may offer you membership for a fee but this is not necessary.  Hope the videos provide you with some additional support in how to answer types of questions.


We are also here to answer any questions that may arise when you are going over tests with your child at home.

Transfer Test Tips SEAG Test checking tips

Learn the best checking tips for the SEAG Test from Transfer Test Tips.

Exam: English - Comprehension

Looking at comprehension



Below are some great videos.  These videos take you through a wide variety of SEAG type questions.


  1. The narrator talks you through each question. 
  2. They read the question,
  3. They explain the question
  4. They show how they get the answer.



AQE Revision Test No. 1 Instructional Video

Instructional guide for AQE Revision test No. 1

AQE Revision Test No. 2 Instructional Video

Instructional guide for AQE revision test No. 2

AQE Revision Test No. 3

AQE Revision Test No. 4

Full AQE Test Paper (Week 6 of 6)

Instructional guide for Full AQE Test Paper (Week 6 of 6)