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Numeracy – Multiplying a number by 10/100


This week in Numeracy I’d like you to learn about multiplying any number by 10. When we are multiplying numbers by 10 we need to move the numbers over one space to the left and place a 0 in the unit’s column. Have a little look at the following videos which will help you understand this a little better. I think the little girl in the video explains it probably better than I can….enjoy! (Just remember we call the ones column units) J

1: Not the Great Big Hen (multiplying integers by 10, 100).m4v

Multiplying by 10 and 100

In this video we are looking at multiplying whole numbers by 10 and 100. We use a place value slider to show how digits move one column to the left when mult...

Numeracy – Grid Multiplication


This week you'll be doing some grid multiplication. Use a whiteboard to help you practice. 

Y3 - how to multiply using the grid method

A video for Year 3 children and their parents showing how to multiply a 2-digit number by a 1-digit number using the grid method. Made by Mr Hyde using the '...