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Numeracy – Tables


At the start of January, there is huge emphasis on times tables and we spend a lot of time revising and learning our tables. Why don't you play some of these games which may help you out. 




Numeracy – 2D Shape


There are lots of different type of lines. There are horizontal lines, vertical lines and oblique lines. You are also going to learn about parallel and perpendicular lines.


Parallel lines are two (or maybe more), but we’ll stick with two, that never meet. You could extend the lines further in either direction and they still would never meet.


Perpendicular lines are two lines which cross each other and at the point where they cross, they make a right angle (90 degrees). Remember we can make a right angle with our two arms. One going horizontal and one vertical and each arm meeting at the elbow.


Watch the two videos to hopefully learn a little more about these lines.

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Parallel, Perpendicular & Intersecting Lines Song

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