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Division - with remainders

How do I use a number line to divide numbers? Take a close look at this demonstration before you start your first task.

Task One - Solve each of the division questions by using repeated subtraction on the numberline.

Bean Thirteen, as read by the author

Matt McElligott reads his book, Bean Thirteen

Task Two

Let’s act out the plot of Bean Thirteen, but this time with fifteen beans. 

Here's how,

Use LEGO men/counters/dolls, whatever you prefer. Select one to be the first “guest”. If there is only one person at the party, how many beans would he/she get?

Next, add another guest to the party. Divide the beans again. How many beans would each guest get? Are there any left over?

Add up to 7 guests but remember to count how many beans each guest gets and check to see if there are any left over.

The numbers that don’t have remainders will be factors of fifteen.


World's Biggest Birds

Use a tape measure to measure out the length of these mighty bird wingspans.


Research some of the birds you know to check what their wingspan is.


Problem Solving


Task 1 

Task 2 

WALT to develop the ideas of rotation and reflection.

Tangrams : Birds from an Egg

Cut out the pieces from the template provided and try making the birds shown below using all nine pieces for each bird. There are lots more birds to make, so invent your own!

When you have finished, can you put the egg back together again without looking at this image?


Remember the rules for tangrams; no overlaps and all pieces must be used for each new design.