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Number Work - Division by grouping and Sharing

Here are a few words you can expect to see when you are working on division.

Starter TASK

Let's get our maths brain warmed up by playing the 'What's Missing?' game.

You will find the instructions and the game in your Home School Pack and below. Try Game A first and if you want a challenge have a go at Game B.

Task - Ok let's practise some division by completing the written tasks.

There are two pages called Division - sharing and grouping, and a third task called Division - left overs. 

How are you getting on?

Here are the links for two fun online activities that will help you get better and better at division by grouping and sharing.

Data Handling

Garden Bird Identification Video

This video might help you to identify some of the birds you might see in our bird survey.

Bird Watching Survey

Step 1 – Get to know your birds! Use the identifier sheet provided to help you become familiar with our feathered visitors.


Step 2 – Make a bird feeder and set out bird feed.




Step 3 – Choose a 1 hour slot in the day and record the birds you see. Choose a place where you know the birds will visit and watch out. Remember to use tally marks to record the number you see. To record 2 you have to have seen both birds at the one time.

How do we record amounts in a survey. Think about what we use for our Healthy Eating Record in class. - Tally Marks. smiley (See video reminder below if you would like a recap.)








Step 4- Record what you found on the bar chart template provided. If you’re feeling very adventurous you could use Microsoft Excel. If we were in school that is what we would be using.







Step 5 – Analyse the Data

  1. Which was the most popular bird?
  2. Which was the least popular bird?
  3. How many birds did you see in total?
  4. What was the difference between the number of the least popular bird compared to the most popular bird?
  5. Write 2 of your own questions.  

Counting Tally Marks 1-10 | PicTrainTM

Problem Solving

Sally the Snail


Sally the Snail crawls 2cm each minute. She needs to rest at each dot for 5 minutes. She wants to take the shortest time to reach a plant. Which path should she take?


Starting Point

Estimate 2 cm using your fingers.

What could you use? 

Do you think that 2 cm is a reasonable distance to travel in 5 minutes?

Get your ruler and measure.

How long will each journey take? 



Extension to the problem

Create your own snail problem for others to solve. You may decide to vary the speed that Sally moves.