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Mental Maths

Choose one of the pages listed below, to complete each day. The worksheets look like a lot of work, but it is really important to develop quick recall of basic facts. Do what you can each day.

Problem Solving

Heads and Feet on Jack’s Farm



Jack counted his hens and cows.

Altogether there were 8 heads and 22 feet.

How many hens and cows were there?



Getting started – Think multiples!

How many legs does a chicken have? 

How many legs does a cow have? 

How many legs would eight hens have?
How many legs would eight sheep have?
What could you try next?


Help (IF needed)

Start with how do we many different ways can we make 8. 

Try to 'Act it Out'

Represent the animals with counters for the heads and lolly sticks for legs.

Try 'A table'

Chickens Cows Legs
0 8 32 x
1 7  
8 0  




Jack counted again, this time he had 13 heads and 40 legs.

How many hens and cows were there?


Multiplication and division families

Complete this short task to get your maths brain warmed up.

WALT: understand that division is the inverse of multiplication.

Are you ready to help the Pokemon to complete some Fact Families?