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This week we are going to revise written multiplication, starting with short multiplication and then progressing on to long multiplication. This will also help you to look over your tables again. This is an important area in maths and it's important that we take the time to revisit it.



Let's revise our multiplication tables. There is a table song below, two games that you can play, plus a document of all your multiplication tables.

Perhaps you could also play a game of Buzz in your house? You may have to give your folks time to revise their tables first though!

Multiplication Mash Up - A Fun Way to Learn Your Multiplication Facts!

Short Multiplication 


This video will talk you through how to complete short multiplication questions.

Short Multiplication

Here are some short multiplication questions for you to complete. You don't need to print these off - answer them in your books. 

The three documents are similar, but do get progressively harder with bigger numbers. 

Long Multiplication 


Now that you've revised and mastered short multiplication, it's time to proceed merrily to long multiplication :-)

The tricky part is remembering to do each part of the long multiplication sum. These videos will talk you through the different steps. Don't forget to add your zero when you come to multiply by the tens column. 

Long multiplication in simple steps

Long Multiplication Song

Double Digit Dating

This video shows a different method for long multiplication, but is still worth a watch.

These links will help you to put your long multiplication skills into practice:
Below are some long multiplication tasks for you. Again, there is no need to print these out, complete them in your books. Keep an eye on the presentation of your work - it is vital that you keep your long multiplication sums neat and tidy - this will help improve your accuracy.