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Number Work

Focus -Times tables x4/ ÷4

  • Play the following online games and then complete the multiplication and division workbook below. Don't forget to watch the videos on our class page linked to 4x tables.
  • Start where you are comfortable but try to challenge yourself too.
    (There is no expectation that all children complete all times tables. We understand that not all children will be working at the same level).

Measuring Length

Let’s improve our Skills of Estimation.

Use a tape measure to find your ‘Secret Metre’. Check how high up your body a metre comes and how far across your arm span a metre comes. Remember this. It will help you to estimate.

Can you find any objects which are approximately a metre long or high?


Make a Paper Metre Rule

Using 10 strips of paper stick them together so that you can have 10 strips of 10cm.



  • 1 metre (1m) = 100cm
  • ½ m = 50cm
  • ¼ m = 25cm
  • 1 decimetre (1dm) = 10cm

Scavenger Hunt

Find, estimate and measure objects around your house. Record your estimation and check the length using your paper rule.

Find objects which are

  • Approximately a metre
  • Approximately ½ m
  • Approximately ¼ m
  • Approximately 1dm (1 tenth of a metre)

See if your estimation skills improve as you progress.


Let’s talk about Centimetres

Use a ruler to find your 'secret cm'. It's generally the width of a finger. Find your secret measuring finger.


Line Drawing Challenge

Draw lines of your own to the lengths noted below.

  • 10cm,
  • 6cm
  • 5 ½ cm
  • 1cm,
  • 16cm
  • 2 ½ cm


Converting cm- m and m-cm



Jack bought a gift for his mum. He paid for it using £5 and received 3 coins in change.

How much could the gift have cost?

How many possibilities can you find?