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Division with a New Word Introduced


Today in your maths work you are going to continue to divide using the new symbol we looked at last week.


In the task on Monday you will be asked to find the quotient - it is basically a big word that means to find the answer when dividing. Once you have completed the page please check all your sums. Use your division fact page if you are stuck.


Before you begin have a look at the labelled image on the word document below.

Division Dash


On Tuesday we are going to continue to divide using the new symbol and basic written method.

Hopefully those times tables and division facts are starting to stick in your head to help make this work easier.  The task today is to complete the 'Division Dash' sheet.


I know it might seem similar to yesterday, but practice makes perfect. Sometimes when we think a task is easy we can tend to rush it and forget to check our work (this happened with some people on Monday) Please check your work and self correct if needed. 


You can do it! 

Mixture of Division


On Wednesday you are going to continue with division.


Firstly we are learning to recall division facts quickly and accurately. You will need to look at the left hand side of your task to complete this activity.


Then you will be ready to try the riddle page on the right hand side.

Start by completing the short division sums. Each sum has a letter attached. Use these letters to try to crack the code!

Finally you should be able to answer the riddle - How do you send a letter to a fish? lol!

Recap on Division and Bracket Work


On Thursday you will be revising over simple division facts and completing some sums with brackets in them again. 


You must remember to always complete the sum in the brackets first.

Even if your brackets are at the end of your given sum, you must still complete it first.


If you need a little refresher on this please watch the video on Seesaw before you complete your set task today.



Finish off Friday


Use this time on Friday to finish off any parts of your maths for this week. 

Then check are there any other parts of your pack that you need to finish off from literacy or topic work.


If you have free time, have a go at the mental maths games set for this week.


In addition to this, you could have a go on Studyladder or Nessy.