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Bracket Sums


Today you are going to try some bracket sums.

As long as you follow the simple steps you will soon master it.


Step 1  - ALWAYS do the sum in the bracket FIRST, even if it is at the end of the sum. 


(2x6) + 12 = 24


2x6 = 12 


Step 2 - complete the rest of the sum, watching out for any change is signs. Are you adding, subtracting or multiplying?




Step 3  -  Check your calculations


Take your time and give your task a go. You can do it!




An equation is like a mathematical sentence that uses an equals sign =


Both sides of the sign must be EQUAL. You are trying to get them to balance, a bit like a scale or seesaw.


2+2 = 5-1

4     =  4


20-5  = 5 X ?


20-5 = 15 so the other side must also equal 15

5x what = 15 

The answer is 3.


Look at your examples in the pack before you begin.

Take your time and always check that both sides are equal at the end.



Following on from our work on 2D shape I would like us now to look briefly at symmetry.

Imagine you put a mirror down the middle of the first picture in your task, the opposite side must mirror that exact image. It is symmetrical/the same on both sides.


I often find using a ruler down the middle line of symmetry can help. It may sound complicated but once you get started it is lots of fun! Watch the short clip on Seesaw first before you begin the task and also use this opportunity to revise over the lines of symmetry in 2d shapes by having a go at the quiz below.


Once you have finished your task have a look at the symmetry pod on Studyladder.

Recap on lines of symmetry

Simple Symmetry


After you have completed your symmetry shading task on Wednesday, then you will be ready to copy and colour the patterns given to make the picture symmetrical. 


Once both of these tasks are finished you are now ready to have a go at making PART of a symmetrical pattern for a family member to complete. Don't forget to draw in the line of symmetry.


Make sure your pattern is bright and colourful. Then upload the finished product to Seesaw.


If you have some free time check out the symmetry pod I have created in Studyladder.



Complete the Spiders Maths Investigation.

Read the instructions in your pack carefully and watch the Seesaw video to help you also. 

Try to be as creative and imaginative as you can in making your number and use brackets if you feel comfortable.


Have fun!