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Literacy – Irregular Past Tense Verbs


Last week we were looking at adding –ed to verbs to make them past tense and followed some spelling rules. This week we’re going to think about some words that change completely when we make them past tense:

E.g. go – went          break –broke           buy – bought etc.


There is no easy spelling rule to follow for these, but you need to do a lot of work on knowing them and building up your vocabulary to know them. Have a look at the following videos and play some of the games below before trying your work this week. 







Nessy Writing Strategy | Irregular Verbs | Learn to Write

You can't add 'ed' to all words to make them past tense - this rule doesn't work for irregular verbs! Learn how irregular verbs can change, like when 'bring'...

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Changing sentences from present to past tense – regular and irregular verbs


At some stage this week, you are going to look at a mixture of regular and irregular verbs, so some will add –ed following the spelling rules we looked at last week and some will be irregular and you will have looked at them this week.


Before you have a go at today’s work, why don’t you play the following games and have a look at the PPT to practice some words which may come up today! Make sure you have your whiteboard handy so you can practice spelling them.