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Reading Explorers - The Enormous Turnip

Green Level Comprehension

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Grammar - Homonyms

The Homonym-ble Game

Learn about words that sound the same and are spelt the same way but mean different things.

Use the powerpoint below to practise solving the homonym puzzles. You will find the instructions on the second slide. I wonder how many you will solve?

Now it's your turn to find out how many homonyms you can recognise and use correctly. 

Here's how:

1. Read the sentences carefully and talk about the words that have different meanings although the word looks exactly the same.

2. Choose which one fits the sentence.

3. Explain why the other one won't do.

4. Think of a sentence when the other homonym would be the right one.

Writing- Instructions

For this weeks writing challenge we are thinking about instructions. (Think back to our 'How to launch a rocket' STEM Challenge.)

*First, take a look at your STEM challenge.

*Next, complete your challenge. What are the results?


*Then, remind yourself of how to write instructions. Use the powerpoint as guidance.


*Finally, can you write instructions for how you completed your challenge? Use the template below and the WILF to help you.

(You may wish to write your instructions using ICT.)

We can't wait to see your solutions to Jack's problem and of course your instructions.

Have Fun!