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WW2 Dunkirk Comprehension 


 You should complete this WW2 comprehension activity. It is about the evacuation of the British troops from Dunkirk in France and links with our World Around Us work this week.



  • Read the passage carefully
  • Use the text to find your evidence
  • Full sentences
  • Use the language of the question to build your answer


Check this info carefully so that you know which comprehension to do.

 Complete the comprehension for your reading group.


Winklesea/ Rocky the Dinosaur/ P7S Red group– Comprehension 1

Charlie & the Chocolate Factory/George’s Marvellous Medicine/ P7S Green group – Comprehension 2

Harry’s Mad/ Matilda/ P7S Gold and Rainbow groups – Comprehension 3



This week we are going to revise using an apostrophe to show possession or ownership. 


Singular nouns

Simon's cat - the apostrophe goes before the 's' and tells you that the cat belongs to Simon 

James' socks - because James already ends in an 's', the apostrophe goes after the 's'


Plural nouns

The children's toys - although plural, 'children' does not end in an 's', therefore the apostrophe goes before the 's'

The ladies handbags - 'ladies' is plural and already ends in an 's', therefore the apostrophe goes after the 's'


Here's an information page with more detail:


These videos will give you more information about using the apostrophe to show ownership.

Possessive Nouns - It's all about the Apostrophe!

Punctuation: Using apostrophes to show singular & plural possession (KS2)

Possessive Nouns

Here are some more links for you to test your apostrophe knowledge:
Here are some activities for you to complete - remember - do these in your books  and keep your work as neat and tidy as you can.