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Your literacy this week is linked to your country project. 


We are going to focus on postcards. You may have sent  postcard when have been on holiday, or you may have received a postcard sent by a friend or relative telling you all about your holiday. 


A postcard is a card that is sent by someone on holiday telling someone all about their trip. It doesn't need an envelope and has a picture/photograph on one side and writing on the other. It also shows the address of the person receiving the postcard. 


These videos will help explain to you the key features of a postcard and how to write one. 

Write a postcard

What is a Postcard?

How to write a Postcard

Postcards, parts and how to write one.

Your task is to write a postcard as if you are on holiday in the country that you have chosen for your project. 

You will need to include the following key features:


Back of your postcard

  • description of your holiday. You could mention the weather, the activities you are doing, places you have visited, what is your accommodation like?, what is the food like?
  • say goodbye properly e.g. tell the person you are sending your postcard to that you are missing them, or that you hope to see them soon
  • The address of the person you are sending your postcard to
  • a stamp (you can design your own)


Front of your postcard

  • A photograph/picture relating to your country. You might like to include the name of your country too. 


The PowerPoint below will help you with setting out your postcard. There is also a template for your postcard you can use, or you can draw your own postcard. 

During this period of lockdown, it's important to remember our key workers who are making such a difference here in Northern Ireland. 

You could use the template below to write a postcard saying thank you to key workers for their bravery. Maybe you know someone who is a key worker - you could write them a personal postcard saying thank you and deliver it to them.

Home Reads


Remember to keep reading while you are at home. Reading is the single most important thing you can do to help boost and improve your literacy skills. Plus - it's great fun too, there is nothing better than getting 'lost' in a good book. 


When you finish your book, you should complete a book review and then choose a new one. If you need any help with this just let us know. 


If you're currently in the middle of your book, why not design a front cover for your book and write a new blurb for it?