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Week 11 Kahoot


Bout ye primary 7 - are you ready for another Kahoot? This week it's an alphabet quiz - 26 general knowledge questions with the answers starting with each letter of the alphabet. 


Good luck - will you make our podium this week? 


Remember - play as often as you want and use your own name so we know who you are. We do seem to have a variety of 80s popstars playing - I wonder who it will be this week??


If you're using the Kahoot app on your phone/tablet, simply enter the PIN below to play:




Or, click on the link below:

Well done to all of our sports enthusiasts - 29 players took part in last weeks Kahoot. Our top three need to stand up and take a bow. They are:


1st = Blake M 

2nd = Joel P

3rd = Molly M & Faith C 


We were especially pleased with how many players named Ipswich Town as the finest team in the history of the universe:-)


Our next Kahoot will go live on Tuesday morning.