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Welcome Back!


Welcome back to another week of home learning P.4/5D. 

I hope you all had a lovely, relaxing half-term without thinking about work and Seesaw for a few days.

We are back to the same routine of collecting packs on a Monday morning, working through the work set and posting on Seesaw. I know it can be difficult at times but just take one day at a time.


 We are looking at the 'i' sound this week. 

The variations are  - i /ui/y/e/u/ie.

Start this morning with your word sort.


On Tuesday I would like you to have a go at the word investigation. Remember not all the words will be one of your spellings. Use the clues to figure out which 'i' word matches from the list provided in your pack.


On Wednesday you will need to complete your spelling sentences in your book. Why don't you try to put two of your spellings into one sentence this week and produce 3 spelling sentences instead of 6?


On Thursday complete the word search with the variations for the 'i' sound. There is a word list on the page to help you. When finished use the words you find to complete the passage.


On Friday can you complete your 'See it Right' page, colouring in the correct spelling as you go. Now you will be ready to test your spellings. Afterwards send me a photo on Seesaw to let me know how you got on.


If you have some free time today why not go on Nessy for 15 minutes.

Mental Maths


We are looking at a mixture of things in your mental maths this week. Please follow your timetable in the pack and watch the Seesaw video for your group throughout the week. Today you could be looking at  - 


1. Find the difference

2. Adding tens

3. Adding or subtracting single digits


On Tuesday the mental maths variations for each group included are -

1. Add or subtract?

2. Subtracting tens

3. Adding to multiples of 10/100 


On Wednesday continue with your mental maths in your pack-

1. 20p

2. Game of dice

3. Subtracting from multiples of 10


On Thursday continue with your own maths - 

1. Dividing

2. Find the difference

3. Adding 2 digits to a multiple of 10


On Friday each group will finish off with a variation of - Table Torture


We can use our breath in mindfulness to help us feel calm. Taking slow and gentle breaths, in and out, can help us feel better if we are worried, frightened or sad.


Mindfulness is also about really noticing what we are doing, seeing and feeling in the present moment. This can help us feel relaxed and content.


Have a go at the mindfulness maze activity. There is a butterfly activity on the back of the sheet too.