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Almost there!


Welcome to another week of home learning. 


You have all been working very hard so please keep it up. 

Only this week to go and then you can have a break over half-term!



This week you will be looking at the sound 'n' 

Today you will start by completing your sound sort.

Variations  - n /nn/ kn/ gn


On Tuesday complete your See it Right by colouring the correct word as we would do in class.


On Wednesday you will write out 6 spelling sentences in your book - don't forget to underline the spelling in each sentence.


On Thursday have fun with Snakes and ladders.


When you are finished, have a look at the n/kn pod I have made for you on Studyladder.


On Friday test your spellings.




If you have a sight word booklet continue to work hard through all the set activities.


Don't forget when you are finished you can go on Nessy.

Well done to those children who have been adding this into their learning.

Great job on earning so many nuggets last week Amelie!

Mental Maths


We are continuing with times tables this week and also looking at division.

Today most of you will be starting with x6 and then using these sums to help you divide by 6.

 e.g 6X7 = 42 therefore 42 divide by 6 = 7


On Tuesday continue with your mental maths by looking at x7 and using your facts to help you work on dividing by 7.


On Wednesday continue your mental maths with x8 and using these facts to help you divide by 8 also.


On Thursday continue with your tables by look at multiplying and dividing by 9.

Take a look on Seesaw at the video relating to x9 tables.


On Friday complete your booklet with a mixed bag of sums.


Keep using our pods on Studyladder to improve your times tables.