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Thursday 4th


Weather Shape poetry.


What is a Shape (Concrete) Poem?

Shape Poems


Watch today's video on Seesaw for more information on how to create a WEATHER shape poem. Use the picture templates in your pack to help you pick out a type of weather you would like to create your own shape poem about.

Some examples of Shape poetry


Data in Games- Weather table 

Play the game in your pack. Can you read the information in the table and answer the questions? Who will win?


For this game you will need:

- the game board (Table of weather for 4 weeks)

- the set of weather chart game cards (cut out)

- a dice numbered 1-6

- a coloured counter for each player



All of these activities are great for all the family. Good mood boosters and perfect for all times in the day. 


Up In The Clouds: Yoga Club Cosmic Kids

Mindfulness activities


Whirly Burly Snow Storm | Cosmic Kids Zen Den - Mindfulness for kids

2 minute mindfulness - sky and weather

Weather The Storm - Mindfulness