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Plants and Seeds

Task 1- Art

Paul Klee - Rose Garden



  • Paul Klee was a famous artist that painted many abstract pieces. He came from a musical family and lived a musical life. He was born in Switzerland to a German father who

    was a church organist. He was known for fine lines, pattern and playful shapes in his artwork. He used watercolours and illustrations that had repeated colours and shapes. Take a look at the video below to find out more about his work.


Art with Mati and Dada - Paul Klee | Kids Animated Short Stories in English

Mati and Dada enter directly into a Paul Klee' s dream, with strange puppets, flying fishes and a funny walzer to sing along all together!

  • Now watch the instructional video that teaches you, step by step, how to recreate your own version of Paul Klee's 'Rose Garden'.

Paint like Paul Klee paintings: Rose Garden from 1920

Task 2- World Around Us

Can you identify parts of a plant?

Task 3 - World Around Us 

Plant identification

Can you spy any of these plants in your garden or on your daily walk?

Here is a Plant and flower identification checklist, for you to use in your garden or on your daily walk