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Holland Day 4

Day 4: Up the children (and staff) got up bright and breezy this morning for the 1½ hour journey to Europe’s largest Theme Park called ‘Efteling’. Efteling is a fantasy themed amusement park in Kaatsheuvel where all the attractions are based on elements from ancient myths and legends, fairy tales, fables and folklore. Needless to say, they all had an absolutely amazing time! A bright, but cloudy day, however there was no rain and it wasn't too warm....perfect weather for exploring the theme park.  Many of the children displayed amazing feats of bravery as they attempted rides on rollercoasters for the very first time! One of the rides many embarked on was the brand new roller coaster called ‘The Baron’, which incorporates a vertical drop! The children took a spin on The Teacups, The Flying Dutchman, The Python and The Pirate Ship (not one of my favourites). Two firm favourites were The Python (the water rollercoaster) and George and the Dragon which is a wooden double rollercoaster which races each other. After a thrilling day, it was back to the hotel for chicken noodle soup, burgers and chips and strawberry ice cream. The children embarked on a little evening shopping, before coming back to the hotel for a relaxing games night of cards, pick up sticks and no doubt a Mr Bradley quiz question or two. The children are being exceptionally well behaved (like we ever doubted that) and they are all sleeping well.....hopefully they'll do this when they return also! They are off to bed shortly for a good rest before hitting the chair lift tomorrow. And finally.....as requested.....a photo of the children at The Dutch Hat outside Efteling. 😊