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Day 3 in Valkenburg!

Another scorching day began with a trip to the swimming pool, where everyone had a splashing time going down the various slides, and experiencing the relaxing ‘Lazy River Ride’. As it was so hot today the outdoor pool was open, and, tricked by the adults into thinking it was as warm as the indoor pool, some of our very trusting children jumped into the freezing, cold water – needless-to-say their shrieks could be heard from afar! All good fun though, and if truth be told, a welcome relief from the heat of the sun!

In the afternoon it was off to Valkenier theme park, to enjoy the rollercoasters, dodgems, ghost train and last but certainly not least, the ice-creams and Slushies!!!

Having purchased a football this afternoon, it was then off to the park for football match.

As you can imagine, they are all now exhausted (as are the children!!!), so they are all crashed in front of the big screen, in their pyjamas, watching ‘Meet Dave’! I wonder how many will fall asleep before the end?!