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Day 3 in Valkenburg

Day 3: Following a well deserved lie in and breakfast this morning, another busy day was ahead for the children. It was much cooler today and rather overcast, however thankfully there was no rain. First on the agenda today was a visit to the swimming pool, where everyone had a fantastic time going down the various slides, chilling in the Jacuzzi or sauna, diving off the boards and experiencing the relaxing ‘Lazy River Ride’. I say relaxing, however there’s nothing very lazy about it as you travel down at quite a speed I’m told. The outdoor pool was closed today, however I am pleased to report that every child on the trip went into the pool and had a great morning of fun with their friends. The non-swimmers in the group enjoyed time in The Whirlpool where they were swept along with the water, however a few needed a little assistance trying to get out of the current of the water. After a morning of swimming, every single child had a shower and washed their hair...I think this is a first on the trip for a few. Following lunch on the steps of the pool, it was off to Valkenier theme park (The Barry’s of Valkenburg) behind the hotel to enjoy the rollercoasters and boat rides on offer so close to where they are staying. The children enjoyed an afternoon of freedom (as they had the whole place to themselves) exploring the theme park and went on The Ghost Train, dodgems and paddle boats. Thankfully no one fell into the water. The popular purchases today were ‘Foot long slushies’ to cool down from the running around. Great fun was had by all, however we have two disgruntled staff members after today’s trip. Poor Mr Bradley was hounded by many on the dodgems and is nursing a rather sore knee this evening, whilst Mrs Galway was tricked into going on a new ride which can only be described as a boomerang rollercoaster (a bit like a pirate ship). I think she’s still having flashbacks of her ordeal. After a fabulous afternoon,  it was back to the hotel for dinner which comprised of spaghetti Bolognese and ice cream for dessert. Following dinner the group went to the park to enjoy some games together. There was football, mount and dismount and others simply made daisy chains whilst chatting to their friends on the grass. Another great day in Holland and yet again impeccable behaviour from all. As you can imagine, they are all now exhausted (as are the children!!!), so they are all settling down for an early night before the big day at the main theme park, ‘Efteling’ tomorrow and a 7:00a.m. breakfast wake up call. Everyone is in great spirits and having a fabulous time.