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Day 3 in Holland

Day 3: Following breakfast this morning, another busy day was ahead for the children today. A slightly cloudy day (with a little rain 😏) saw the jet setters head to the swimming pool, where everyone had a fantastic time going down the various slides, diving off the boards and experiencing the relaxing ‘Lazy River Ride’. The lazy river was a firm favourite this morning for a little relaxation before a busy afternoon. Following lunch at the hotel, it was off to Valkenier theme park behind the hotel to enjoy the rollercoasters and boat rides. Then it was back to the hotel for dinner which comprised of burgers and more chips.....get the salads ready for their return to sunny Comber. It was then off to the park for football match and a few games in  the evening sun which decided to make an appearance. As you can imagine, they are all now exhausted (as are the children!!!), so they are all settling down for an early night before the big day at the main theme park tomorrow. Everyone is in good spirits and having a fabulous time and enjoying the experience of being away.