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CPS Sports Day 2020



Comber Primary School Sports Day


Comber Primary School Sports Day is traditionally held in June. Some of our pupils took part in the Virtual Sports Day, but we would like to encourage all of our children to take part in some activities together this final week of term.


In your packs on Monday 22nd June, there will be a sports day badge and a certificate. To earn these, pupils should consider taking part in any five of the following activities, one for each day of the week (you can do more if you wish).


  • Sprint

Measure out a distance of approx. 10m. This could be in your garden, the street or in a green space. KS1 pupils could complete 4 reps, while KS2 pupils could complete 8 reps.



  • Star jumps

How many star jumps can you complete in 20 seconds? Repeat the challenge and see if you can beat your score



  • Egg and Spoon

Can you run across your garden with an egg and spoon? Don’t drop the egg – you will have to go back to the start! (Probably best to hard boil your egg first 😊)



  • Welly toss

How far can you throw a welly boot (or an old shoe)? Use an old pair of socks to mark the distance…can you beat your throw? Be careful of the windows!!



  • Obstacle/Novelty

Can you design an obstacle/novelty race in your garden? Use any garden or sports equipment that you have. Try and make your race as interesting as you can!



  • Marathon challenge

Can you go for a long run? KS1 could try and run for 3 minutes without stopping; KS2 could aim for 5 minutes without stopping. If you enjoy this challenge, can you run for longer?



  • Walking

Walking is great exercise – could you go on a family walk around Comber? (As you’re doing so much exercise, you’re allowed an ice lolly from the garage!)



  • Cycling/scooting

You could go for a cycle ride, or go out on your scooter. Remember to stay safe and be aware of traffic at all times – take an adult with you. Remember our school rule – you must wear your helmet!



  • Dancing

Dancing is great fun – turn the music up loud and have a disco! Here area few of our CPS disco favourites and their dance routines:





  • Long jump

You will need a start line and an old pair of socks. Place both feet on the start line, bend your knees and jump as far forward as you can. Use your old socks to mark where you landed. Can you beat your jump over five goes?




It would be lovely to see photos and videos of our children taking part in their activities. Maybe you could even take a picture of your own award ceremony at the end of the week and email them to your class teacher.


All pictures and videos received will appear on the 'Virtual Sports Day' link that can be found on the 'Children' tab on the home page. 

Good luck everyone 😊