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Active Travel in 2018

Active Travel events were really successful in December.


Despite the freezing cold weather we managed to reach 75k in our C.P.S. Walk to Santa 100k Challenge.  Well done to P2H, P5P and P7B who all completed 11k each.  Well done to every class that took part.  Hopefully we can reach our 100k challenge the next time when the weather is a bit better. 


Well done to all those who completed the Cycle and Walk to Santa.  Great effort especially by those in KS1.


Active Travel in 2018

Welcome back to school and the start of a busy few months in Comber Primary linked to Active Travel.  Lots of events coming up and there is something for children from P1-P7.  Check out the list of events coming up.



Wednesday 17th January

- New Year Walking Bus for anyone in P1-7.  Meet along one of the 3 routes and walk together into school. ( PARENTS MUST WALK WITH CHILDREN WHO DO NOT NORMALLY WALK TO SCHOOL ON THEIR OWN)  It starts at 8.25am.  See the maps below for the location of each route.  Which route will be the busiest?



Friday 26th January

- Bike It Breakfast for anyone in P4-7.  Cycle or scoot to school on this day and you will get a free breakfast of pancakes and a drink and a free cycling prize.


Translink Travel Challenge

As part of our Green Flag, one of our topics is looking at how we all travel to school every day .  Each child in the school will receive a page on which they will need to record how they travel to and from school every day between 21st January and 2nd February.  In total this should be 20 journeys with 2 each day.  The Eco Council will then be using these results to identify how Eco friendly we are.  This event will be repeated in March.  


Other events

    - Be Bright Be Seen Walking Bus- An event for everyone in P1-7 to walk to school in bright colours.  More information on this at a later date.


As you can see lots is happening over the next few months.  Remember to keep safe if out on bikes or walking and try to wear bright colours so you are easily seen.


Keep checking out the gallery for pictures of these events and I hope as many of you can take part as you can.


If you have any questions about any of the events do not hesitate to contact me in school.


Mr Pinkerton