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Reading /Comprehension

Shared Comprehension

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Scrabo and the Brent Goose

We’ve been developing our Reciprocal Reading Strategies throughout this year. Continue to use these strategies as you read with your child. 
Remember the different types of questions

  • Hand 👈🏼- You can point to the answer in the text. 
    Head 🧐- You’ve been given a clue but you need to use your brain to think about it and add more information. 
    Heart 💓- Questions about your feelings or the feelings of a character. 

Can you think of any questions to ask about Scrabo and the Brent Goose?

Daedalus and Icarus - Reading Explorers and Icarus and How to Grow a Plant- Orange Level Comprehension.

Worm Looks for Lunch - Green Level

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Grammar- Contractions

  • Take a look at the videos and powerpoint presentations below.
  • Then complete the contraction worksheets from your pack.                                                                            
Writing - Fact File

Birds | Educational Video for Kids

In this video we're going to learn about the birds. They are so diverse, and there are so many colours and shapes, it's fun to learn about them.

Do you know how many wonderful birds visit your garden? Do you know any interesting facts about any of these birds? Have you ever stopped to look closely at your favourite bird? 

This week, your task is to research a common garden bird and write a fact file. You will find lots of information on the RSPB website or in the booklet below. 


Fact File templates can be found below and in your Home School Pack.

If you need some help completing a diagram of a bird why not try using this helpful sheet.