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Comber Primary is once again a Bike It school - We actively encourage P4-P7 children to cycle safely to school.  We receive support from Sustrans who helps us to promote active travel.


In the playground we have the bike shelter and bike pods.


Events during the year

  • Bike It Breakfast
  • P7 Greenway cycle
  • P4 cycle skills
  • Cycle to Santa
  • The Big Pedal
  • Puncture repair sessions


Active Travel Events

  • Walk on Wednesdays
  • Travelwise Walk to School week
  • Walking Bus
  • 100K School Walking Challenge 


If cycling to school remember :-

       + ABC Check - Check Air in tyres, test your brakes and look at your chain  

       + Cycle safely at all times

       + Wear a helmet

       +  If possible wear bright colours so you can be seen. 

       +  Don't forget to bring a lock to keep your bike safe during the day.


Bikers Breakfast for P4-7


This events happens once a term.  Here children who cycle or scoot to school receive a free breakfast.  Parents and grandparents are also invited to attend for a well earned cup of tea or coffee.


It takes place in the Dinner Hall and starts at 8.10am and finishes at 8.40am.

If you are in P4-P7 you should have ticked the active travel box on the permission sheet given out at the start of the year. This, if ticked by a parent or guardian, allows you to cycle and leave your bike in school during the day.  Always remember to only ride a bike that is in good working order and ensure you have a bicycle lock and remember you MUST have a helmet.