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Thursday 21st January

Thursday 21st January

Morning Check in on Seesaw – this will be going live at 9 a.m., but don’t panic, you have all day to respond.


Phonics – Our sound of the week is d/ed/dd. Thursday’s task is to work out the word using the clues in your phonics booklet – it’s a little tricky. Maybe you could play 10 minutes of Nessy also?


Tables – Usually in school Tuesday-Thursday we would practise our mental maths focus. I will post on Seesaw Mrs Boyd calling out your tables which you can write down and try and then you can mark them yourself using the marking slide…no cheating.



Reminder: I’d like you to complete a Friday Assessment tomorrow which is in your home learning pack. I will call out your spellings on Seesaw – make sure you do the correct group. So spend some time learning your spellings and revising x10/100 and some grid multiplication and adding –ed/ing to verbs. J

Literacy – A Winter Haiku Poem

Today for Literacy, I’d like you to write a winter haiku poem. Don’t panic, they aren’t very long.


Haiku poems are based on syllables – remember the little beats in a word:

e.g. win – ter (2 syllables)      

snow (1 syllable)      ic-i-cle (3 syllables)


A haiku poem is only 3 lines long and follows a very strict syllable pattern. The lines must have 5 syllables, 7 syllables and 5 syllables.

Before you have a go at trying to write a poem, read the examples in your learning pack and then brainstorm words to do with Winter. You can use this brainstorm to get you started.

Once you’ve brainstormed lots of words, start to think about what aspect of Winter you’d like to write about in your poem, e.g. Snowflakes, Snow, Snowmen, Winter walks, Being cosy inside….it’s up to you.


Now have a go at planning your poem, remembering that each line has to have the correct number of syllables in it 5,7,5.


Once you’ve got your draft, read over it and check the syllables and maybe ask someone at home to check for spelling. Or..even better, you could send your draft to me on SEESAW and I could check it before you write out your real poem on the nice Winter paper you have. When writing your poem out, you may like to write it in joined writing and using pen. This is what we would be doing in class.


As an ICT extension, you may like to type up your poem on Microsoft word or PicCollage if you have it. I may also ask you on seesaw to send me a video of you reading your poem which I can share on the website.


I cannot wait to read your Winter haiku poems. 

Numeracy – Continue Grid Multiplication


We’re going to continue grid multiplication again today, so here is another little PPT you can use to practise with your grid, before giving your worksheet a go!. J

Topic (WAU) – Mesolithic Wordsearch


Today sees the end of the Mesolithic side of our topic. If the website works for you, you can explore it again and I have also given you a wordsearch you can complete and stick into your topic book.



Here is a Kahoot you could play also. You may have to guess some answers. These will be online until 12 noon on Friday. Remember to use your real name as your nickname so I know who you are.

https://kahoot.it/challenge/08107410?challenge-id=f669baba-60dc-4f1d-8562-b384efa40148_1610785652022 of pin code 08107410


Well done for completing Thursday’s activities. Rest up for another day of fun activities tomorrow and maybe do some reading if you can to finish your afternoon! J

Mrs Boyd xo