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RESEARCH this – life in Longhouses





https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/ztyr9j6/articles/ztqbr82 (family life)




You need to imagine that you are a 10 year old Viking boy/girl. You wake up in the longhouse on a normal day and describe what's going on - as many small details as possible


  1. Plan using this- Write down as many descriptive words as you can to describe what’s going on in the longhouse – Smells, what you see, sounds, tastes, what you feel!

  2. Write a short paragraph describing waking up in a Viking longhouse, finish it when you have had your “dagmál” (breakfast) and are going out to do your jobs


Wilf lots of description, smells sounds, sights, touch

Facts about family life in the longhouse, breakfast, jobs, what it looks like

Past tense & 3rd person – describe it like a storybook would –


“ He stirred when he heard the clatter of pots at the fire..”


No plot, no action (that will come later) just description of the longhouse.


Use this to help you –