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Fine Motor Skill Ideas

  • Playing with duplo/lego

  • Finger Painting

  • Colouring in

  • Picking up pennies with finger and thumb of one hand and placing them in money box

  • Jigsaws

  • Playdough/plasticine/salt dough

  • Cutting paper with scissors

  • Threading beads, dry pasta etc onto strings

  • Screwing nuts and bolts together 

  • Rolling up tissue paper into tiny balls with finger and thumb and sticking them onto page to make picture

  • Putting elastic bands around food tin

  • Sand play

  • Picking coloured beads out of bowl/jar

  • Sorting beads/other small objects by colour/size/shape

  • Using tweezers to pick up small objects

  • Using clothes pegs to clip onto and squeeze objects