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World Around Us

Task 1: Morse Code


Below, you will find some information on Morse Code and how it was used in World War 2.

Invention Of Morse Code

How Does Morse Code Work?


On the document, you will find some Morse Code that you have to “translate” into more recognisable phrases!



Here is a song to teach you the rhythms of Morse Code.

Morse Code Music... The Rhythm of the Code


Why not have a go at messaging someone in your family using Morse Code. You could clap or tap it out on the table; or maybe use the dit-dah patterns from the song!




Task 2:  A Blitz Mystery.


The Germans have been dropping bombs on the major cities of the UK all night long and the next day, it is noticed that something has happened at Number 37!


Read the information and follow the clues to help you work out what went on.