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This week we will be looking specifically at the Battle of Britain... one of the most vital and important air battles to have taken place in any war. 


Your challenge for the week can be found below, but first have a look at these videos which will teach you about the battle itself, and you can also learn a little bit about the brave pilots that fought in it. 

RAF Fighter Pilot (World War II)

Battle of Britain in 90 Seconds

An overview of the Battle of Britain in 90 seconds. The video reveal key tactics, key fighter aircraft, the importance of the battle and the outcome.

How was the Battle of Britain Won? | Animated History

Dear P7s, please ignore the shameless plug he makes for his game at the start of this video!

The Battle of Britain- The Finest Hour (Teaching Material)

A short Documentary on the subject of The Battle Of Britain- The airborne fight between the sides of...

Battle of Britain Statistics | Allied and Axis Losses

Ever wonder how many planes were used during the Battle of Britain? Or how many pilots lost their lives? Find the key statistics here:

WW2 - The Battle of Britain [Real Footage in Colour]

Flight for Freedom - Short Battle of Britain kids movie

KidsBattleofBritain Short film about 2 RAF pilots (Tim and Nathan) during the Battle of Britain in 1940 who compete in the air but must work together.
A bit silly, but fun all the same!

Your challenge this week is called, "EGG DROP".


You are to imagine your egg is a WW2 pilot and you will have to design a device that will allow your wee egg pilot to drop safely to the ground without getting smashed or squished.... awwww!


You can use a variety of materials, and a couple of examples of these have been provided in your packs. You need to read the task document above for details of exactly what you have to do!


First read this powerpoint about a man called James Martin to get an idea of what you need to be thinking about as you design your egg-pilot safety device. (There are links within the powerpoint that you can click, but you can also find them separately below.)



Here are the links taken from the powerpoint:



How does a Parachute Work? - Science for Kids | Educational Videos by Mocomi

Astronaut Experiment: Crash Course Kids #32.2

Air resistance

Danger! Falling Objects: Crash Course Kids #32.1

Gravity and Forces

Defining Gravity: Crash Course Kids #4.1

So, if gravity pulls everything down, then why don't things on the bottom of the Earth get pulled down into space?

Martin-Baker Slow Motion T-38 Ejection Seat Test

Martin-Baker slow motion live ejection testing for the T-38 US16T ejection seat.

Using the information you have learned from the James Martin powerpoint and from the science videos, now you can design and make your egg-pilot safety device!


Remember, when you are ready to drop your egg pilot, try to record the drop in pictures or videos so that we can see how it went! 


(Be careful during the testing stages... we had a few eggy messes on the classroom floors last year!)



Here are some WW2 plane colouring pages and a wordsearch for you to do... in case you have any time left over after your egg drop experiment!