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WW2 - The Battle of Dunkirk


The Battle of Dunkirk took place in May 1940 and saw the entire British army evacuated from the beaches of France. It was a vital moment in WW2 that gave Britain the opportunity to continue fighting Nazi Germany. Many small British boats helped in the evacuation and it has become one of the most famous episodes of the war. 


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You may remember Charles Lightoller from the Titanic - did you know that he was involved in rescuing soldiers at Dunkirk? Find out more below:

"Dunkirk - A Personal Perspective" - Interview with CH Lightoller (BBC, 1950)

Can you put this Dunkirk timeline in order?

Your task this week is to make a paper boat. that could be used to take part in the Dunkirk evacuation. Feel free to decorate your boat. 


You could also carry out an experiment - how many sweets can your boat hold before it sinks?


We'd love to see your photos of you and your boats. 


The links below will help you make your boat...or choose your own design.

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