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WAU - Volcano Research

Thursday 18th/Friday 19th March


For the next two days, we are asking you to research and learn all about one of the famous volcanoes below.

You should create a presentation similar to your Vesuvius one earlier in the week.

Choose one of the following volcanoes:

  • Mt Etna (Italy)
  • Mt St Helens (USA)
  • Mauna Loa (USA)
  • Mt Fuji (Japan)
  • Krakatoa (Indonesia)
  • Eyjafjallajökull (Iceland)


Can you find out the following info?

  1. Picture
  2. Map
  3. Most recent eruption
  4. Most famous eruption (this might not be the most recent)
  5. Facts about your volcano e.g. height, active status (is it active/dormant/extinct)
  6. Find 5 ‘WOW!!’ facts about your volcano and its eruptions


Here is some info to get you started. 


1. Mt Etna (Italy)

Mount Etna, the Tallest Active Volcano in Europe

Etna - Deadliest Volcano in Europe

2. Mt St Helens (USA)

Mount St. Helens


3. Mauna Loa (Hawaii/USA)

Mauna Loa, Hawaii - The largest volcano

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park - See the Biggest Volcano in The World

4. Mt Fuji (Japan)

Mt Fuji (Japan)

Mt Fuji Eruption 1707 AD

Krakatoa (Indonesia)

27th August 1883: The eruption of Krakatoa - loudest noise ever heard

Krakatoa Eruption Real Sound (1883)

Eyjafjallajökull (Iceland)

The Active Volcano in Iceland; Eyjafjallajökull

Iceland Eruption Disrupts Travel | Flashback | NBC News