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Tuesday 9th

Literacy- Grammar

Irregular verbs

Nessy- Irregular Verbs

Practice all you have learnt. Can you fill in the missing words?

Don't forget to complete the worksheets and play the matching game (cut out the game cards in your pack) and board game to practice what you have learnt today.  


Numeracy - 3D shape sort

Venn and Carroll diagrams

What is a Venn Diagram?

Understanding Venn Diagram for kids / Sort 3D Shapes using Venn Diagram

Sorting 3D shapes

UICT-Internet Safety Day

Join in with Mummy Penguin’s song and follow the adventures of Smartie the Penguin as he learns how to be safe on the internet.


The first version of story covers the following 3 themes;

1. Pop ups and in app purchasing 

2. Inappropriate websites for older children 

3. Cyberbullying 

The second version of the story covers the following 3 themes;


1. Upsetting images

2. Unreliable information

3. Talking to strangers online

Why not use the sheet in your pack to draw Smartie the penguin. Or you could write down some of the things you have learnt from Smartie.