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Tuesday 2nd


Add suffix ed to bossy verbs. Beware of how you spell them. 

Go to Seesaw to watch the video. Then complete the worksheet in your pack.

Nessy Reading Strategy | The -ed song | Learn Past Tense | Educational Song | Learn to Read

Learn about past tense and sing along with old timey 'ed' as he sends word back into the past.How do you change words into past tense? By adding 'ed! Enjoy t...

Nessy Reading Strategy | Adding ' ed' | Past Tense Verbs | Learn to Read

The past tense refers to things that have already happened. When talking about the past, regular verbs have 'ed' on the end of them. Learn why 'ed' sends ver...

Visit Seesaw for a video explaining today's task. Then follow the links below and return for a quick 'Hit the Button' Halving game. 



The Beaufort Scale helps us to explain how strong the wind is. Use this retro Beaufort Scale to inspire you to illustrate your own designs for some of the stages of your choice. There is an A3 page of the stages in your pack you can either draw pictures in the small boxes or cut out the captions and draw larger pictures. 

The Magic School Bus Kicks Up A Storm