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Thursday 11th


Emperor Penguin Fact File

WALT take notes

Use the fact files in the pack and the links on the class page to take notes on

  • Where in the world do they live? 
  • Diet - What do they eat? 
  • Habitat- What is it like where they live? 
  • Appearance - What do they look like?
  • Adaptations - How does their body allow them to live in the coldest place on Earth?


Example of key facts related to an elephant

Gather information from

  • fact file in your pack
  • Epic have books allocated
  • helpful video (linked below) 

Emperor penguins | The Greatest Wildlife Show on Earth | BBC Earth

In the centre of Antarctica, a colony of male Emperor penguins are left quite literally 'holding the baby' as, nearing starvation, they eagerly await the ret...

Numeracy - upload to Seesaw

Fun with Quarters - See video in Seesaw

You will need

  • Maoam
  • knife
  • Dice
  • Blank page
  • Paper strips
  • pencil
  • Quarters game page 
  • Dice template (cut out and constructed)
  • Colouring pencils
  • pencil


Joybob The Polar Bear | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

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Penguin Dance | Brain Breaks | Jack Hartmann

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