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Term 1a (Sept/Oct)

P5 Literacy – Term 1a Sept/Oct 


We have been working very hard during September and will continue to work hard as we approach our first Half-term break in October. Here you will find the topics we have been doing in class and some websites which will help practise these skills at home. Also remember to log-in to Studyladder, where you will also find PODS linked to our focused topics in Literacy for Term 1a.

Noun Song from Grammaropolis - "Noun Town"

Classroom accounts available at https://edu.grammaropolis.com! Songs, books, games, quizzes, and individual student tracking. Song composed & performed by Do...

2 Kinds of Nouns: Common and Proper - English Byte

Did you know that there are two kinds of nouns?How do we know which is which?Here is a video to help you find out what is a common noun and what is a proper ...

Punctuation – full stops, question marks and commas (in a list/for an introductory clause)


We have been thinking about the end punctuation in a sentence. This can be either a full stop, question mark of exclamation mark. We have also looked at using the comma in a list and for an introductory clause. Have a go at practising some of what you've learned. 




Alphabetical Order


We have been ordering words into alphabetical order to maybe the 2nd/3rd or 4th letter. Remember we may have to order the words to first letter, then move to second letter, then back to first etc. Take your time when ordering words in alphabetical order and don’t forget to sing the alphabet to help.

The ABC Song

It's the classic ABC song with big and small letters.Arranged and performed by A.J. Jenkins.Copyright 2010 A.J.Jenkins/KidsTV123: All rights reserved.For MP3...

How To Arrange Words In Alphabetical Order | English Grammar | Periwinkle

How To Arrange Words In Alphabetical OrderIn this video we will learn how to arrange words in alphabetical order.Watch our other videos:English Stories for K...