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This week we are looking at Probability


Probability is all about the chance of something happening. 


Look through the PowerPoint and videos below to find out more.  Then have a go at the different worksheets.

Using the Probability Scales

How to do probability scales. From 0 to 1. Impossible, unlikely, even, likely, certain.

Probability explained

Probability Games



This is a unique practice of the probability vocabulary.  You need to put the words into order.  Once in order click on check.  If you get any wrong it will tell you which ones are wrong.  Good luck.













The Vending Machine gives vile drinks such as Cabbage, Smelly Sock or Fresh Fish. You need to work out the likelihood of getting each flavour and choose a matching probability word: impossible, unlikely, equal, likely or certain.














You may want to avoid this foul food maker otherwise you may get a serving of sock soup or fly soup. See if you can guess the probability of getting these foul meals from the machine.


























This simple online exercise introduces you to the basic principles of probability.















More challenging questions for Spicy


Only do Level 1