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Our maths topic this week is going to be coordinates. In your workpacks you will receive a coordinates booklet, plus some additional pages that we will guide you through over the week. Don't forget to check your Seesaw for guidance everyday. 


Start by watching these videos that will explain to you what coordinates are. We will explore plotting coordinates in both two and four quadrants. 

Maths Mansion - Coordinates

Coordinates - Primary Schools

Dr. Nagler's Laboratory: Plotting Coordinates Part 1

Great - you now know what coordinates are and how to plot them. Time for a sing-song!!

The first video is just about the first quadrant, and the second one includes all 4!

Coordinate Plane Song ★ Plotting Points on all 4 Quadrants



As we are all now coordinates experts, it's time to put what we have learnt into practice. The following links will test your coordinate plotting skills: