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Times Tables


This week we will continue to look at our times tables in maths.

Repetition is key for this type of learning.


Remember all the ways we talked about in class to learn those all important tables -


1. Say them out

2. Write them out

3. Draw them out

4. Get someone to ask them to you

5. Use your fortune teller

6. Sing the song

7. The stair game

8. Use the apps


When you have finished your set work, don't forget to check out the pods added in Studyladder to help with your tables.

Written Multiplication


Now that you have spent so much time learning those tables we can use them to complete written multiplication.


Well done to everyone who managed to master grid multiplying last week. 


Look at the PowerPoint below and watch the short video on SeeSaw to help you with your set work in your pack this week. 


Remember - 

1. Always multiply the units first.

2. Then multiply the tens.

3. Leave room in case you have a number in the hundreds column.

4. Most importantly remember to carry a ten over and add it on if needed.



Written Multiplication

2D Shape


Keep working on your 2D shape booklet.

Today you will look at -



Pentagon (5)

Hexagon (6)


Use the PowerPoint below to help you and also look at the 2D shape pod I have made on Studyladder.

Guess the 2D shape



A tangram is a 2D puzzle created by cutting squares into 7 pieces. These are called 'tans'

There are 7 various shapes within it - 

2 large triangles

2 medium triangles

2 small triangles

1 square 

1 parallelogram


They can be arranged as many complex shapes, including fun ones, like the frog in the video clip on SeeSaw. Don't stress over the activity, just have some fun!

Written Multiplication


Today you are going to continue with written multiplication. Some of you will continue to work on

TU X U and another group will move onto HTU X U.


Remember to still start at the units column.

Work your way through the sum, not forgetting about counting any numbers you have carried over. 


Check out the previous video on Seesaw or the new clip depending on what you are working on today.


#Practice makes perfect!

Division by Sharing


Today you will start to divide by sharing.


If I had three bars of chocolate and I wanted to share or divide them between Eva, Leah and Kai......how many bars would they each get?

Of course the answer is 1. Meaning 3 divide by 3 is 1.


The best way to think about dividing is to think about sharing equally. (Although when it comes to chocolate I know that is hard to do! lol!)