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Hi P7s!


For Maths this week, you will be doing some work on graphs and charts. 


Have a look at the materials below to learn about reading and drawing bar charts and line graphs.






How to draw and interpret bar charts

A detailed video that shows you how to create a bar chart and then explains how to answer questions on them




Creating Bar Graphs

A more straightforward video explaining how to create a bar chart







Reading and interpreting line graphs






How to draw a line graph



Have a go at answering the questions on these line graphs (answers included!)



Pie Charts


Here are some videos that will introduce Pie Charts to you:

40 Pie Pie Everyone

A guide to pie charts

Pie Charts

Now that you've watched the videos, you can complete these interactive activities:
You can now download these Pie Chart PowerPoints -can you answer the questions accurately?

Pie Charts PowerPoints