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Number Work - Division with remainders

To start let's have a quick reminder of what we were doing last week.

Division: A Remainder of One interactive read aloud

Can you answer the maths questions embedded in the video?

Task 2. A remainder of  1


There are 28 children in our class. Let's see if you can arrange all the children into troops? When would we have remainders? You can use your LEGO, dolls, counters, whatever you want to help you act it out.

Set your work out like this,

1 row =       28 divided by 1 = 28 no remainders

Rows of 2 = 28 divided by 2 = 14 rows no remainders

Rows of 3 = 

Try to complete at least 6 rows.


If you would like to complete some more take a look at the following.


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