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Last week we revised multiplying and dividing decimals. It’s now time to apply our knowledge with our length conversions. Here are some facts to remember:


1 kilometre = 1000m

To change metres into kilometres we divide by 1000. To change kilometres into metres we multiply by 1000

e.g. 4.5km = 4500m 


1 metre = 100cm

To change centimetres into metres we divide by 100. To change metres into centimetres we multiply by 100.

e.g. 3.3m = 330cm


1 centimetre = 10 millimetres

To change millimetres into centimetres we divide by 10. To change centimetres into millimetres we multiply by 10.

e.g. 9.5cm = 95mm


This video will help remind you how to multiply and divide decimals


Not the Great Big Hen...Again

This video will help you revise how to convert centimetres into millimetres.

(multiplying and dividing by 10 - 1cm = 10mm)

Converting mm to cm and cm to mm

These videos will help you convert centimetres into metres.

(multiplying and dividing by 100 - 1m = 100cm)

Converting Meters to Centimeters


These videos will help you convert metres into kilometres.

(multiplying and dividing by 1000 - 1km = 1000m)

How to Convert Between Meters (M) & Kilometers (KM)

Converting Lengths (Meters and Kilometres)

Now that you have revised your length conversions, let's put your knowledge to the test. Click on the links below for some games and activities. 

We hope you enjoyed the above links. 


Your measures booklets are below. Parents - there are two booklets - the second booklet contains more difficult conversions. Please choose the booklet best suited for your child. If you need any guidance on this, please let us know. 

Maths Puzzles 


The file below contains two maths puzzles. 


1. Maze - use your table knowledge to find the exit of the maze


2. Spot the Shapes - a logic puzzle about 2D shapes