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Week 6 Numeracy 


Our Numeracy topic for this week is temperature and negative numbers. Your booklet is attached below. You don't need to print the booklet out - you can answer the questions in your books. 


Negative numbers are any numbers that are below zero e.g. -3. They are often used in the context of temperature (especially here in Northern Ireland as it's often very cold!). 


These videos will help explain negative numbers to you. 

Negative Numbers: An Overview

Maths Mansion - The Negs

Math Antics - Negative Numbers

Compare temperatures involving negative numbers

Now that you have watched the videos, click on the links below to find out some more about negative numbers. 
Here is your temperature and negative numbers booklet, plus a few additional tasks. Remember - answer as much as you can in your books - you can draw sketches of your thermometers.