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String of Cubes Volume Challenge

Numeracy Week 4


This week you should complete your volume booklet from your pack.

The following videos will help explain what volume is:

Volume of a Cuboid

Volume of a Cuboid

How to - calculate the volume of a cuboid

First by counting cubes and then by developing a formula.

Volume Song | Measurement Video for 5th Grade & Up

The Volume Song (Happy Parody)

Once you have watched the videos, it’s time to practice!


https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zjbg87h (scroll down for the volume info)








Now you could make a start in your booklets. Take your time and remember length x width x height and that volume is measured in centimetres cubed.


Volume Worksheets


Here are some additional pages to go along with our volume booklets.

You should also continue with your mental maths booklet – you could do the next two tests. Revise your cubed numbers too. 

Cube Numbers Song | Tiny Tunes

Square numbers, cube numbers explained easy and simple, step by step. Maths help.