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Understanding Number and Number Notation


Pupils should be enabled to:

• count, read, write and order whole numbers, initially to 10, progressing to at least 1,000;

Ordering numbers

Penguin Ordering numbers

Ordering whole numbers

Caterpillar Ordering numbers


• understand that the place of the digit indicates its value;

Greater than, less than

Penguin Place Value Partitioning

Matching digits to words

Identifying place values

Shark Numbers -Matching Dienes to digits

Reading and writing numbers in words and digits

Odd and Even numbers

Compare numbers on a number line

Place Value - Video clip


• make a sensible estimate of a small number of objects and begin to approximate to the nearest 10 or 100;

How to Round

Rounding Off (nearest hundred)

Hidden Picture

Seashell Rounding



• recognise and use simple everyday fractions.


Fraction Identifier

Pizza party