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Pupils should be enabled to:

• recognise coins and use them in simple contexts;

• add and subtract money up to £10, use the conventional way of recording money, and use these skills to solve problems;

• talk about the value of money and ways in which it could be spent, saved and kept safe;

• talk about what money is and alternatives for paying;

• decide how to spend money.


Money Games

Coins Sorting and counting money games.

Post Sorting Sort the letters into the correct post boxes by working out the maths activities which include rounding, converting pence to pounds, tens and units and more.

Price Lists Money activities where children decide what they want to buy and work out the total cost. The items are displayed in a sum and also a bill.

How Much Left? Lots and lots of money problems here where you need to work out change from amounts from 10p up to £1.00. It is good for starter or plenary activities.

Change Exchanger Give change for coins up to 10p, 20p or 50p. You need to scan the items at the till to see their prices.

Igloo Shopping A shopping game using UK money where you need to choose coins for a given amount.

Coin Exchange Equivalent amounts using different value UK coins.

Number Jumbler Interactive games called Odd and Even, Win the Money, Missing Signs, Rounding to the Nearest 10p and More or Less. Part of the Starship maths BBC site.

Cuddly Toy Sale Problem solving involving change.

Working with Coins Counting money and giving change.