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Multiplication Word Problems


Today we are going to look at word problems using RUCSAC. 

Hopefully you remember from class what each letter stands for.

To help you recap over this have a look at the PowerPoint below before you start your work today.


This morning the calculation you choose will be multiplication.


Example  -

John and his friend Sam had 12 sweets each. How many sweets did they have altogether? 

12x2 = 24 sweets.

As an extension of your work there are lots of word problems in each of the multiplication pods I have set up on Studyladder.

Subtraction Word Problems


On Tuesday you are going to continue to use the RUCSAC method looking at word problems. This time the calculation you will choose is subtraction. 


Remember to highlight the key words and numbers to help you.

Set your sum out clearly with TH H T U columns if needed.

Don't forget to exchange if required.

Lastly, label your answer and check your sum.


Use the second slide in the PDF below to revise your terms of subtraction before you begin your task today.

Terms of subtraction

2D Shape


We will continue our 2D shape booklet today.

Use the co-ordinates given to plot a mark and build a 2d shape.

Then try to identify the shape you have made.


To help you identify the shapes have a look at the PowerPoint below.


If you are not ready for this stage yet use today to catch up with work in your booklet.

2D shape quiz

When you have finished go onto Studyladder and have a go at the 2d shape pod.

Simple Grid References


If you are ready to move onto the co-ordinates sheet on Thursday you will need to have a look at the PowerPoint below - This will recap over grid references with some examples to help refresh your memory.

If you are continuing to work on grid references in your shape booklet today, please have a look at the PowerPoint below which will give you some similar examples using shapes.  

Finish off Friday


For your maths lesson on Friday make sure you have completed your mental maths booklet.