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Today we are looking at contractions. A contraction is a shortened form of 2 words. The words come together using an apostrophe (basically a comma in the air) to replace some letters.


Should not  = shouldn't  (the apostrophe replaces the o)

I am = I'm 

Should have  = should've


Look at the PPT and watch the clip below. Now try your task of matching the contractions to their stem word. Then see if you can write the sentences, joining the 2 words in bold type.

More on Contractions


On Tuesday we are going to continue to look at contractions. Remember a contraction is a shortened form of a word. The apostrophe represents the missing letter. Make sure you have a go at the quiz on the PPT below and watch the short clip before you begin the set task.

For more practice on contractions check out the pod I have set up on Studyladder.

Comprehension Time again!


Remember in class we normally take our time to read the text with a partner first - maybe a sibling could help with this. 


Then I always read the passage to the whole class - if an adult is available it would be great if they could do this for you.


Now take your time to read through each question carefully.


Use a highlighter to highlight key words in the question (who, what, where, why, when, how)

and in the text.


Only then are you ready to start into answering the set questions. Remember to use full sentences and steal words from the question to produce your answer.


Most importantly check your answers and self evaluate.


Good luck guys!

Uses of Water


Your literacy today relates to our new topic. We are going to be looking at the uses of water. Complete the challenge set and write down the top 10 uses of water on the water droplets.


For more information look at the topic section for this week.



It is that time of the week again - Now let's stop and focus on our reading.

Get out your favourite book, find a quiet spot, relax and get reading....









I would love to hear you read on Seesaw.

Don't forget you have free access to EPIC! during school hours. Our class code is on Seesaw.